Brewing Methods

Why so many different brewing methods, whats the difference?  While some may think coffee is, just coffee and how you make it doesn't really make a difference.  Well, that's really not true!

Pour overs tend to give you a smooth, flavourfull cup of coffee that brings out the floral notes without the bitterness. Especially when using a bonded filter.

Coffee Syphons not only look like a cool lab experiment they make really balanced cup of coffee that many in the coffee business consider the best there is.

Cold drip coffee take a hours to brew your cup of Joe but are worth it giving a far less acidic cup of coffee than it's hot counterparts with delightful sweet and floral notes

Coffee is not just coffee and it has complex notes, acid and body that changes with how you brew it.  Having said this, have fun and experiment!


Glass Coffee Server 
·      Designed for pour over brewing methods 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Clear lid with rubber insert 
·      Easy to use and clean


Hour Glass Dripper Pot

Hour Glass Dripper Pot 
5 Cup Vessel 
·      Elegant and Sleek 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Simple and easy to use and clean 
·      Delivers the perfect cup of coffee without any sediment 
·      Use with our recommended stainless steel or bonded filters to maintain body and floral notes



Pour Over Dripper 
·      Elegant Borosilicate Glass Dripper 
·      Retains heat to ensure constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle 
·      Offers complete control over brewing extraction 
·      Dripper shape helps to better accentuate the coffee notes


Siphon Vacuum Pot

Siphon Vacuum Pot 
5 Cup 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Eye Catching Design 
·      The Mad Scientist Experiment/Full Immersion Brew Process 
·      A very sensory experience 
·      Provides a cleaner and lighter flavored brew with intense aroma 
·      Enables you to brew both tea and coffee 
·      Use with cloth filter or our stainless steel filter


Cold Bru Dripper

Cold Bru Dripper 
600 ml 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with stainless steel frame 
·      Visually Stunning 
·      Produces acid free coffee 
·      Coffee tends to be more aromatic and delicate with a lighter body 
·      Enables you to brew both tea and coffee which you can refrigerate for up to 7 days