Cold Bru

Not just a pretty ornamnent on your kitchen counter, our cold bru dripper makes an exceptional cup of cold coffee. Coffee made with a cold drip is full bodied, sweet, floral and far less acidic than hot brewed coffee.  Made one drip at a time the slow extraction process allows the flavours of the ground coffee bean to fully be matured and then released.  If you want a coffee with complexity, that you can store in the refridgerator upto 7 days then the cold bru dripper is a great choice. Best served straight over ice but can also be served with a splash of milk and sweetner.

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Cold Bru Dripper

Cold Bru Dripper 
600 ml 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass with stainless steel frame 
·      Visually Stunning 
·      Produces acid free coffee 
·      Coffee tends to be more aromatic and delicate with a lighter body 
·      Enables you to brew both tea and coffee which you can refrigerate for up to 7 days