This is a subscription bundle that starts the day of purchase.

Your Obligation:  Choose your Espresso Brewing system package and the number of capsule boxes you would like to recieve monthly (9 coffee capsules per box). The higher the number of boxes of capsules the lower you pay per coffee capsule.  You will be obligated to purchase this amount monthly on recurring payment for a minimum 12 month term which continues till cancelled, allowing you to enjoy deep discounts!

This bundle includes Espresso Brewing System + Milk Frother (50% off frother), plus a sampler bundle. 
By adding the milk frother you can now make cortados/cappuccinos/lattes/mochas… the list is endless!

Espresso Brewing System 
Color: Black/Chrome 
·      Designed and Engineered in France and Italy 
·      Proprietary System with Advanced Technology 
·      Innovative New Capsule System 
·      Makes an espresso, ristretto or a lungo, all with a touch of a button 
·      Can be set to utilize our proprietary pre-infusion function 
·      Power supply and output: 110 – 120V, 60Hz 1100 watts 

Milk Frother 
Color: Stainless steel 
·      Makes velvety-soft milk foam for cold drinks and hot for cappuccinos and lattes 
·      Easy one button operation, prepares cold, warm or hot milk foam in a flash 
·      Hot chocolate function for use with Centralbru hot chocolate 
·      Mug is dishwasher safe 
·      Stainless Steel