Cast away the blues!! Indulge, in a thick rich, chocolaty, and delicious hot chocolate. A decadent treat that will put a smile on your face from ear to ear. Stay Happy, Drink Hot Chocolate!! Simply use our milk frother to smooth and whip our hot chocolate mix to perfection. 

Directions: Place 150 ml or 5 oz of milk in Centralbru Milk Frother for a really thick decadent cup of hot chocolate, add more milk for desired consistency. Press the Milk Frother button 1 time and add one scoop or 29 grams/ 1oz of hot chocolate powder till combined, then stop the Milk Frother and press the button 3 times for the hot chocolate setting. Wait for the Milk Frother to stop and serve in your favourite mug. *If Milk Frother is not available use the same proportions and heat milk to approximately 75 degrees C / 167 degrees F and whisk in hot chocolate powder, after it is all melted serve in your favourite mug.