Pour Overs

Pour overs not only look sharp and impress spectators. They provide a maginificent cup of coffee that's smooth, flavourful, and allows the coffee beans to speak for themselves without bitterness.  Can be used with a bonded paper filter to catch sediment and oils.  Experiment with different coffee beans to have a different experience everytime.

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Glass Coffee Server 
·      Designed for pour over brewing methods 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Clear lid with rubber insert 
·      Easy to use and clean


Hour Glass Dripper Pot

Hour Glass Dripper Pot 
5 Cup Vessel 
·      Elegant and Sleek 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Simple and easy to use and clean 
·      Delivers the perfect cup of coffee without any sediment 
·      Use with our recommended stainless steel or bonded filters to maintain body and floral notes



Pour Over Dripper 
·      Elegant Borosilicate Glass Dripper 
·      Retains heat to ensure constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle 
·      Offers complete control over brewing extraction 
·      Dripper shape helps to better accentuate the coffee notes