Likely one of the best coffees you will ever have the pleasure of tasting!  Not only that, it will have spectators in awe thinking you are the mad scientist in the coffee lab.  It's certainly the most dramatic of all the brewing methods and you will have people talking, in a good way of course.  They will be talking about how great the coffee at your house is.  The coffee grinds get fully immursed in the water extracting all of the flavour notes in the coffee while giving you full control of temperature and coffee steeping times.  A fun way to make your cup of Joe and a great one at that!

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Siphon Vacuum Pot

Siphon Vacuum Pot 
5 Cup 
·      Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass 
·      Eye Catching Design 
·      The Mad Scientist Experiment/Full Immersion Brew Process 
·      A very sensory experience 
·      Provides a cleaner and lighter flavored brew with intense aroma 
·      Enables you to brew both tea and coffee 
·      Use with cloth filter or our stainless steel filter