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Our roots in the coffee industry run deep, with family involvement in the roasting industry for more than forty years. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate coffee experience. Our product quality is the result of passion, care and attention utilizing the latest technology along with time tested experience. We continuously improve upon past accomplishments striving for excellence by employing the most skilled roasters, designers and fabricators who share the same passion to achieve the very best.

We recognize that today’s consumer has become more demanding in quality and convenience thus redefining the future of the industry. We believe that it’s the consumer that shapes the future and we only react to the demand. We believe that with the right tools, you too can make good coffee wherever you are. Coffee, that up until now has been made only by skilled baristas in the best cafes. Central Bru aims to provide you with the tools and accessories needed to start your journey of self-discovery.

We welcome you and hope that you enjoy the adventure and discover "Perhaps, the worlds best coffee"

Highest Grams Per Shot

Market leading 9.5 grams plus coffee per capsule giving a stronger, bolder more flavourful espresso shot. Especially noted when creating your favourite espresso based specialty coffees such as cappuccinos, lattes and Americano's

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Pre-infusion Technology

Pre-infusion prevents channeling when espresso is being extracted. This prevents water from finding areas of least resistance and allows water to pass through all the coffee grinds for a far less bitter and consistent cafe quality espresso extraction

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Proprietary Capsule Design

A capsule designed and engineered solely for the Central Bru System. Unlike aftermarket capsules, Central Bru is designed and engineered to give you the closest you will get to cafe quality espresso in your home or office allowing you to discover the world of coffee

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